Wednesday, November 2, 2011

My Stylefind Bzzcampaign

     So, the latest bzzagent campaign I've joined is for the Stylefind website. Stylefind is a fashion website that boasts clothes, shoes and accessories from over 200 different brands all in one place and at discounts of up to 50% off. It also offers access "exclusive deals" just for members. And membership is free. So if fashion is your thing, feel free to sign up at Stylefind.

     Ok, so much for the introduction. I have to say this website is for fashionistas, not frugalistas. If you are someone who cares about high fashion and brandnames and who doesn't flinch at spending over $100 on an outfit, this site will probably be great for you. However, I am not one of those ladies. I honestly can't afford to be. And I was never taught to put much stock in clothes (they just need to be clean, in good condition and comfortable!). Sure, I look at nice clothes and think "oh, that's pretty" or "I like that." But I'm likely to be just as happy with something I spent $10-20 on. And even that's gotta be something I really like to spend that much on.
     This is probably more than you want to know, but here is a rundown of the most I'm willing to spend on these things (and that's only every so often). Note, I often buy my things on clearance, I don't put much stock in "brand names" and I usually only buy clothes one or two articles at a time. Also, I am talking about shopping new, at retail stores, not thrift shops and yard sales, although sometimes you can find great clothes there too!
     Tops--I don't like to spend more than $5-10 on a top. If it's a "casual" shirt, no more than $5. The most I think I've spent is $15, and then it has to "speak" to me and even so I usually have to be prompted by my husband who would probably like me to update my wardrobe more often. :-) 
     Bottoms--I have spent $30-35 on Levi's jeans. I used to buy $10 brands, but they tend to wear out faster. And since I wear jeans a lot, I'd rather have something that lasts longer. Now, things like skirts and non-jean pants, you probably won't catch me spending more than $10 on them. 
     Dresses--You can rarely buy a decent dress for under $20. So when I do buy dresses (which isn't that often) I may spend $20-50, depending on how nice the dress is, how much wear I expect to get out of it, and what the occasion is.
     Shoes--Okay, some of you ladies might want to prepare for a shock. I only spend $10-15 on a pair of new shoes. And I don't have a ton of different pairs of shoes, either. I have one or two pairs of walking/tennis shoes, 2 pairs of "casual" shoes (one black, one brown), two pairs of "dressy" closed toe shoes (one black, one brown), one pair of black boots and few pairs of nice "flip flops" (white, brown and black). These are about all the shoes I have or need, and even some of those I don't wear all that often. 
     Accessories--Okay, purses/handbags. Purses are not a big deal for me. The two I use now (one black, one brown) I think I spent less than $5 each on. I don't think I've ever spent more than $10 on a purse. I've never understood spending $100+ on a purse either. No offense if you do this! Same thing with jewelry. I have very little "real" jewelry except my wedding rings. And I don't wear jewelry that much anyway. I'm low maintenance. Haha. 
     So, if fashion is your thing, and you can afford to do it, you should definitely check out Stylefind and sign up for a free membership. For myself, I find myself cringing at the prices and thinking "this is a discount?!). The one item I did find on Stylefind that was in my range was a cute dress in the $20 range. But guess what? It was sold out.

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