Monday, November 7, 2011

The Trivialities of Motherhood

     Oh, the joys of parenthood....My precious bundle of joy has been quite a handful this weekend. Caution: guys and kids, you might find the following info to be TMI as this post does contain "potty talk." Literally. Other moms will probably find it relatable and amusing. 
     Anyway. Last night she was a rascal at church. My husband is the preacher, so I'm pretty much on my own to watch her during services. Lately she has been trying to inch her way out of the pew and into the aisle, and after having been fussy for a few minutes prior, she proceeds to do just that, looking at me with each little step, of course. I tell her in an irate whisper to "get back over here now" and then she says "peepee!" which is what she says both after she has already done it and if she needs to do it. Though I suspect she also just likes the word and also likes to sit on the "potty" whether she needs to or not. 
     So, I wasn't sure whether she really needed to go, or she was just looking for an excuse to get me to take her out of the pew. Then she says "diaper." Or at least that's what it sounded like. Okay, so maybe she had a wet diaper. So I get up with the diaper bag and she takes off running to the back foyer (we sit near the back, so not that far). When I catch up, she is in the men's bathroom standing by the toilet and saying "potty." I tell her several times to come out so I can take her to the nursery (or cry-room) to change her. She ingores me, and when I approach her, she starts shrieking. 
     I finally get her into the nursery and she promptly gets excited one of the other girls there, close to her age, is also there and wants to play. After I finally get her diaper changed, she starts to play in the curtains. I try to grab her hand to take her back out and she protests, sitting on the floor so I can't pull her along. She finally comes along when I step out the door and comes with me, but as we approach our pew, she lays down in the middle of the aisle. So I have to put the diaper bag down on the bench, then pick her up. She was a handful, but I managed to keep her reigned in after that. 
     This morning we had another fun incident. Dear daughter came to me and said "peepee." I felt her diaper and it seemed dry, so I figured she must need to go potty. So to the potty we went. 
     She got on and off the potty about three times, then took off running out of the bathroom. Next thing I know, my husband's saying "she just made a puddle under her highchair. Now she needs a bath!" Great. So into the bathtub she goes. 
     No sooner do I get her hair washed and get her wiped down, she says "peepee" again. So I look to see if that's really what she's doing, and it's worse than that. Yep. She's doing more than peeing in the bathtub. 
     So, out of the tub she comes, while I let out the water and pick up the pieces and throw them in the toilet. New experience for me. Yay. Once that's done, in she goes again for another soap and rinse. I take her out and she immediately pees on the floor! I'm about at my wits' end at this point.
     Anyway, I finally got it cleaned up and everything seems back to normal now.

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