Friday, June 29, 2012

Book Review: The 5 Love Languages of Children

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June Teethe Me Box

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Friday, June 22, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Busy week

     This has been a pretty hectic week this week and I have not posted as much as usual. I really haven't gotten on the computer much at all. I also haven't been keeping super-close track of everything getting thrown out. The main reason is we had company this week. My parents visited for a couple days and just left this morning. However, my in-laws are coming in tonight, so it will probably not be much less busy around here for the next week.
     Anyway, here are the few things I do remember.
     1. About 1/4 bag of fresh spinach (yes, again with the spinach!)
     2. Leftover quinoa/tomato sauce/hamburger mixture. 
     3. Frost-bitten ham--really, I think it's been in there since the post-Christmas sales. 
     4. Frostbitten beans and rice.  I seem to have a lot of frost-bitten stuff, don't I? Probably a good indication freezer-cooking isn't for me. 
     5. Old Phyllo dough. My hubby was sure it wasn't usable since the last time I used it for spanokopita.
     I guess that's it. Gradually cleaning out my freezer a little at a time. And I just have the one. You know, the one that's attached to the fridge. Kinda makes you wonder how I'd fare if we had a deep freezer, huh?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Hubby Did it!

     I have no picture to show today. Actually, my husband was throwing away stuff before I even got to it, and I'm not 100% it was all bad. :-( So, I will share to the best of my ability.
     1. Part of a bag of spinach. Hubby threw that out. I got it mainly for salads, but it might have been ok cooked. Hubby said he didn't want to risk it. Ok...So this week when I bought my bag of spinach, I went ahead and put part of it in the freezer.
     2. 3 small apples. These were from the bag of apples that I was the only one in the family working on. Guess they'd been there long enough--hubby tossed those too.
     3. Chocolate candy leftover from a shower. It wasn't great candy--probably why it was still around!
     That's really all I can think of for now. Shocking, I know--but I know that probably wasn't everything. Seemed to me he threw out an awful lot...

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: 4 Months Tomorrow!

Meet our little string bean! Long and thin, but plumping up and growing fast!

Weight-loss Wednesday: Help!

     Yes, as you can see, I'm going backwards! Or I should say upwards. :-( The progress is not looking good, folks. I've gained again. I seem to have zero willpower lately. What do I do? Nevermind that--I know what I should be doing--it's actually doing it that's the hard part.
     So many bad decisions this week. And the sad thing is, I knew they were bad when I was making them! I made chocolate mousse last week. Why did I make chocolate mousse, you ask? Why, I had to do something with all the egg yolks I had left over from when I made angel food cake (at my hubby's request). You can see where I got off track in the first place...
     Then I had too much sweet tea on Monday. What can I say? I'm a southern girl--I love my sweet tea! But it's almost as bad for you as soda. I had been trying to drink more water lately. And there's another problem. Not drinking enough water. Drinking plenty of water makes you feel fuller, which in turn means you're less likely to snack on junk.
     So there you have it. I'm almost back at square one now. :-( Still not giving up though. When you fall off, just get back on!

Storyland Yoga Product Review and Giveaway

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Food waste Friday

     Well, there was not a huge variety of food wasted this week, but it doesn't follow that there wasn't much food waste. You can see: 
     1. 2 containers of frost-bitten chili
     2. Some bad grapes (I know they don't look bad in the pic)
     3. Some frost-bitten unbaked rolls that were an experiment a while back 
     4. A bag of apricots.
     The apricots were given to us by a friend with a tree. Why my husband accepted three bags of them, I don't know.But they've been in the fridge a week of two. I finally weeded out the rotting ones. Some are still ok, but we have way too many of them! Hopefully we will find someone to share them with before it is too late!

Skillet Pumkin Sauce Review

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Trudeau Stress-Less Review and GIVEAWAY

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Weight Loss Wednesday--Not Too Hot

     Well, it looks like I went up a pound this past week. :-( I did miss one day of walking. I've been walking 4 days a week for an hour. And it certainly doesn't help when  cave to my love of sweets and soda. So, what were my pitfalls this week? 
     Well for on thing, I think I had more sodas than I had the week before. You know how the general advice is to just not have the bad stuff in the house? Well, it's true! Some things I can moderate and leave alone if they're in the house. Apparantly soda is not one of them! We had 2 cases of soda that I had bought and my husband brought upstairs and I've been drinking them more than I should, rather than limiting to one a week like I had been.
     My other pitfall was visiting the candy shop last week. And they had free samples out. Lots of them! Dangerous ground for a chocoholic like me! Then of course we had to buy some. Not a huge amount, but still! And one day day we tried out this new ice cream place where you pay by ounce, toppings and all, and of course I tried a bit of everything. No, not really, but still a lot!
     So, basically, I've been having too much fun this week! and I'm not off to a very good start now, either! Anyone else doing a weight loss journey on their blog (or off). I always find those stories inspiring!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Free Toys from Toy Palooza!

     Have you heard of the Toy Palooza online toy store? You have heard of them if you shop on a lot, as that is where they have been based since they started in 2007. Since they've grown so much these past 5 years, they've finally decided to expand to their own website, and now they are opening their very first retail store in Wadsworth, Ohio. 
     So, if you happen to live in or near Wadsworth, the store's grand opening will be tomorrow (June 2) from 11 am-3 pm at 8691 Wadsworth Rd. And if you don't, well, that doesn't mean you have to completely miss out! All through the month of June, Toy Palozza will be giving away a toy every other day to one of their facebook fans! All you have to do is like them on facebook and you're entered! 
     Last I checked, they had under 100 fans, so odds are pretty good at this time! Make sure you check them out and "like" them and good luck!

Skillet Bacon Jam Review

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Food Waste Friday--Check out My Haul!

     Yeah...that's what I'd like it to say if I'd just scored some awesome deals at the store, not about what I'm throwing away cause it's gone bad. :-( Okay so this week was pretty bad. So if you're looking for inspiration--sorry, this isn't the place. Not this week. If you're looking to feel better about yourself...then keep reading! 
     So, here is what I threw out this week: 
     1. Half a bag of lettuce--two of us (and usually) just me can hardly eat a bag before it goes bad. 
     2. Part of a cucumber--we did manage to eat most of it though. 
     3. Some more wilted green onions--these were older than the others but had somehow been placed in the cheese/lunch meat drawer. 
     4. About half a pint of strawberries. This seems to be a common occurrence.And my husband just brought home more, so...not sure that's a good thing.
     5. A couple of organges. I was going to attempt to eat one, but it was black in the middle, so...I assumed the other two were the same, since they were from the same batch. 
     6. Part of a box of pita chips. These chips were nasty and very garlicy and none of us could stand them. 
     7. Some moldy cheese. Isn't it beautiful?
     How did you do this week?