Friday, June 15, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Hubby Did it!

     I have no picture to show today. Actually, my husband was throwing away stuff before I even got to it, and I'm not 100% it was all bad. :-( So, I will share to the best of my ability.
     1. Part of a bag of spinach. Hubby threw that out. I got it mainly for salads, but it might have been ok cooked. Hubby said he didn't want to risk it. Ok...So this week when I bought my bag of spinach, I went ahead and put part of it in the freezer.
     2. 3 small apples. These were from the bag of apples that I was the only one in the family working on. Guess they'd been there long enough--hubby tossed those too.
     3. Chocolate candy leftover from a shower. It wasn't great candy--probably why it was still around!
     That's really all I can think of for now. Shocking, I know--but I know that probably wasn't everything. Seemed to me he threw out an awful lot...


  1. Sounds like your husband did a good clean out so you can start with a clean slate for this week.