Friday, June 1, 2012

Food Waste Friday--Check out My Haul!

     Yeah...that's what I'd like it to say if I'd just scored some awesome deals at the store, not about what I'm throwing away cause it's gone bad. :-( Okay so this week was pretty bad. So if you're looking for inspiration--sorry, this isn't the place. Not this week. If you're looking to feel better about yourself...then keep reading! 
     So, here is what I threw out this week: 
     1. Half a bag of lettuce--two of us (and usually) just me can hardly eat a bag before it goes bad. 
     2. Part of a cucumber--we did manage to eat most of it though. 
     3. Some more wilted green onions--these were older than the others but had somehow been placed in the cheese/lunch meat drawer. 
     4. About half a pint of strawberries. This seems to be a common occurrence.And my husband just brought home more, so...not sure that's a good thing.
     5. A couple of organges. I was going to attempt to eat one, but it was black in the middle, so...I assumed the other two were the same, since they were from the same batch. 
     6. Part of a box of pita chips. These chips were nasty and very garlicy and none of us could stand them. 
     7. Some moldy cheese. Isn't it beautiful?
     How did you do this week?


  1. Cheese is one of the rare products you can save once moldy! Just cut the mold off and it's still good. Here is the Mayo clinic's recommendations for what cheese can be saved and what can't: However, based on your picture, I don't think it was salvageable, lol

    1. Yeah, mine was pretty far gone! I have just cut it off in the past, as long as it didn't have a bad smell...

  2. I have this same problem. Luckily I can feed my food waste to the chickens or the compost pile.