Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday--Not Too Hot

     Well, it looks like I went up a pound this past week. :-( I did miss one day of walking. I've been walking 4 days a week for an hour. And it certainly doesn't help when  cave to my love of sweets and soda. So, what were my pitfalls this week? 
     Well for on thing, I think I had more sodas than I had the week before. You know how the general advice is to just not have the bad stuff in the house? Well, it's true! Some things I can moderate and leave alone if they're in the house. Apparantly soda is not one of them! We had 2 cases of soda that I had bought and my husband brought upstairs and I've been drinking them more than I should, rather than limiting to one a week like I had been.
     My other pitfall was visiting the candy shop last week. And they had free samples out. Lots of them! Dangerous ground for a chocoholic like me! Then of course we had to buy some. Not a huge amount, but still! And one day day we tried out this new ice cream place where you pay by ounce, toppings and all, and of course I tried a bit of everything. No, not really, but still a lot!
     So, basically, I've been having too much fun this week! and I'm not off to a very good start now, either! Anyone else doing a weight loss journey on their blog (or off). I always find those stories inspiring!


  1. Soda is one of my vices too! I love an ice cold soda and a Snickers!!

  2. Soda is the devil! :p I saw somewhere(I think it was youtube)that you can actually clean your engine with soda! I can only imagine what it does to your insides :O

    1. Well I have heard it can eat rust! But still drink it...Guess it's like ppl who smoke even though they know you could get lung cancer. :-/