Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Adjusting to Life with Baby #2

     Well, my little boy is now a week old. It's hard to believe. We're still adjusting, but everything is slowly getting into a sort of routine. I've been supplementing at night with formula. I know there are some that would frown upon that, but it works for us. I give him one small bottle before bed and one in the middle of the night. By the time I pump and otherwise get ready for bed, that equates to about a 3 hour stretch of sleep for me (4 if I'm really lucky...).
     At first I was afraid he wasn't getting enough to drink because we have those really cool diapers with the stripe that changes color when it's wet--only it seemed the stripes were never changing color. He was definitely having some dirty diapers, but no blue line. I eventually figured out he just wasn't wetting in the "right" spot. So much for those convenient color-changing lines! 
     It has been a really huge help having my mom and grandma here to help with my 2 year old, though. She can be rambunctious, and she is definitely craving extra attention with the new little one around. But she loves her brother and always wants to give him hugs and kisses. I even let her help feed him his bottle once and she was thrilled.
     So we are slowly working through this transition. But I love holding my teeny tiny baby in my arms. I love seeing his little eyes focusing on mine. I love the unique smell that newborns have. Most of all I love that he's healthy and seems to be growing like he's supposed to.


  1. Newborns are so precious, but I don't miss those days of little sleep. Before I had kids I didn't realize just how tired I could get. I think I would like a third, but that is not a possibility. If I had a surprise pregnancy now, it would make the local news! And then I remember those sleepless nights and I'm glad to put those days behind me, I'm relieved my husband had "it taken care of" despite that tiny newborn cuteness.

    My little guy is almost 2 now and I think that's my favorite age. He's so happy and full of life, and just beginning to really communicate.

    1. I have a 2 year old too! She's so sweet, but she can be stubborn! I'm glad I have some help for now.