Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My February Bluum Box

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  1. I agree, not really worth the price! They need to step it up a notch ;)

  2. I pay $10 a month for the Cravebox and I don't think that one is worth it either...

    1. I heard about those, but some people think they are worth it, and the samples seem like a better size than these.

  3. If I was a new mommy I may look into it more but I am beyond that stage

  4. looks like fun but it doesnt look like you got a lot! Nice getting a surprise package in the mail though! !

  5. I agree that the price seems high. Maybe I've become jaded because I know how to get free samples now. Some of the stuff, like The Emergen-C drink mix, I've seen similar products offered online as free samples, if you "like" the companies facebook page.

    Of course, you would have a hard time finding free samples for all of the items in your box, and there is the convenience of having them delivered all at once to consider.

    But the only thing that seemed exciting for me are the food storage bags, and I would use them from storing breast milk. I'm beyond the baby stage, but my youngest is almost 2, and and I can still remember that time. I briefly tried making my own baby food and decided it wasn't worth the hassle, but I did work and breast feed making frequent pumping necessary. Discounts on breast milk storage bags and easy clean wipes would have been a much appreciated. I had difficulties finding discounts on these items in my area.