Friday, January 4, 2013

We're moving! Please Read!

     Hello everyone. Due to some issues with facebook falsely blocking my url as "abusive" or "spam", and after no less 5 unsuccessful attempts to get the problem fixed, I have decided to transfer to a new link. I'm keeping things pretty much the same, same layout and everything--you might not even notice a difference if I didn't tell you! But I probably won't be posting much anymore on this url, so I'd like to invite you to follow me at my new url HERE.
     My facebook, twitter, pintrest and Google+ accounts still remain the same, but GFC and email subscribers are not able to be transferred. :-( If you would like to resubscribe at my new location, it would be very much appreciated!
     By the way, starting tomorrow, I'll be posting a new giveaway every day until Christmas Eve (at the new location) so make sure you don't miss out!


  1. Don't mind facebook, don't waste your effort here. FB is trash. Continue blogging here. DB Mall

  2. That is a total bummer they do that a lot lately if you don't pay them.

  3. Okay--refollowed and resubscribed :)

  4. i hate when facebook dose this..i have it happen all the time as well..auuuggghhh facebook...

  5. I book marked you new page. FB is such a pain! They shut me down for a week until I could prove I was a real human. Seriously! They need to get over themselves!

  6. I had to do the same thing last year :( Facebook is the devil.


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