Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Busy Week

     It has been a pretty busy week for us so far. On Monday morning the washing machine would not drain.I was stressed about the hassle of having someone from the office sent up and my husband's cheerful observation was that we would have to move everything out of the room if they had to replace the washer. So he wanted to what he could do first.
     We have kind of an awkward set up. Whoever owns the apartment thought the walk-in closet would make a good laundry room, so that is where our washer and dryer is. It makes a pretty cramped laundry room. Especially when it has to share space with hanging clothes, as there is no other closet in the room. But we make do. And I'm just happy we have a washer and dryer at all. 
     So, we borrowed a shop vac from a friend and I emptied the sopping wet clothes from the washer and my husband proceeded to start sucking water from the washer drain. The culprit? A baby sock! Needless to say that sock is not usable anymore and we're thrilled that's all it took to get the washer working again. 
     Also Monday afternoon I called the doctor to get the results of my 3 hour glucose test and they called me back with the wonderful news that I do not have gestational diabetes. So I celebrated by immediately eating a whole box of Oreos. Haha. Just kidding. I did not do that or anything like that. I'm still aware of needing to make good choices.
     Much of yesterday (Tuesday) was spent making cookies to take to some of the older people at church. I made rolled sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies, and I am definitely feeling the effects today because my wrists have been aching all day. So everything I've done today that requires the least amount of force has been kind of painful. 
     It's amazing, the little things we take for granted. Like the use of our hands. It's not until we hurt something that we realize just how much we use it without even thinking about it. But anyway, by the time I got all those cookies rolled out and baked, I didn't have it in me to ice them last night. I had already been on my feet all day and I was just achy all over.
     This morning one of the moms from my little girl's Bible class invited the moms and kids from class over for crafts and lunch. Before lunch the kids did a book exchange and we made "snow globes" and Christmas tree door hangers.
     After lunch we (meaning the moms!) decorated sugar cookies while the kids ran around and watched Cars 2. What can you expect when you try to get 2 year olds to sit down to do anything? But it was fun, though I must admit I was tired when I got home!
     So, I anticipate being pretty busy the rest of the week as well. We plan to go pass out our cookies tomorrow and on Saturday morning one of the hospitals in town is having a preview tour of a new mother and baby unit opening in January. So we might go check that out. And of course other various things to get ready for the holidays.

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