Saturday, December 17, 2011

Touring the Labor and Delivery Unit

     This morning we went to check out the new labor and delivery unit at one of the local hospitals. They are opening a brand new unit in January and are currently giving "sneak peeks" so we thought we would check it out (since we're due in Feb.). Well, first of all, we parked on the wrong of the hospital. They are still constructing the back entrance near the parking garage, so it was blocked off. So we went in the main hospital entrance thinking it was all connected. 
     We meandered all the way around to the emergency room and asked the ladies there and they told us to go outside around to the front entrance. So we finally made it and it looks like they still have quite a bit of work to do before it's done. But there were people there to greet us at the door and show us to the elevator, so we knew we were finally in the right place.
     We filled out our "registration cards" then we were shown around the labor and delivery and post-partum units. The rooms aren't completely furnished yet, but they were a good size. There were couches and chairs in the rooms, but the beds hadn't been put in yet. So the nurses just told us where they will be and we had to use our imagination. 
     At the end of the tour they had cupcakes, punch, coffee and water available, as well as information about the labor and delivery unit and bags for expectant moms that even included a cute little onesie. Mine was blue (since we're expecting a boy) and said "Mommy's New Little Man." I finally got to have my chocolate cupcake I've been craving all week and the punch was pretty good too. 
     A few minutes after we left and were trying to decide what to have for lunch, I got a call from one of the nurses telling me I had won a door prize. So we went back to get it and it was a little bottle of lotion. Yippee. I thought it was kind of funny. There was a guy shuttling people back and forth from the parking lot to the front entrance of the mother baby unit, so I got a ride with him while my husband waited in the car with the baby. After that, we came home and scrounged around for lunch. 
     Overall the unit seems like it will be really nice. We still plan to check out the other hospital too, but that probably won't happen until January. Anyway, it looks like we have some decent options and I'm definitely looking forward to February for more reasons than one!

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