Monday, October 17, 2011

Fiddlesticks Farm and Michael's Charcoal Grill

     Well it's been another busy weekend, but maybe not quite as busy as last weekend. On Friday we tried to go to a big yard sale with a friend in Midland, TX. It was supposed to be a big, indoor yard sale made up of donated stuff. The only thing is, when we got there, they were charging $3 per person, including babies! So, it would have been $12 for all 4 of us, and $9 for our family alone. And no guarantee that we would find anything we wanted in this garage sale that was probably made up of donations from people who couldn't sell the items in their own yard sales. So, we decided not to go after all. We ended up going to the mall instead. 
     On Saturday we decided to go out to Fiddlesticks Farms, a family-owned farm, also in Midland. We wanted to find a pumpkin patch our little girl could take pictures in. It was $20 for us all to get in and it's still negligible whether it was worth it, but we did get some cute "fall" pictures. 
     There were a few neat things we didn't get to try because it was so hot. There was a corn maze I would have liked to go into, but like I said, it was hot, and I get so easily tired out lately, so I didn't want to risk it. There was a hay-ride out to the pumpkin field, but we didn't do that either. 
     The farm had a little barn that had cows, goats, chickens and pigs (babies and adults), and you could even pet some of them if you wished. Our little girl really had a blast looking at the animals, so maybe it was worth it just for that. They also had milking demonstrations every couple hours in the animal barn, but we didn't stay for that.
     One of the snack stalls had an "old fashioned soda wagon" with five different flavors of soda. I was really tempted to get one, but it was $6 for a tin mug of soda, and the picture on it was really ugly. If it had simply said "Fiddlesticks Farm" it might have made a nice souvenir to keep, but I just could not bring myself to spend that much on a cup I didn't really like. We did, however, get a bag of kettle corn and it was good and fresh and had that just right combination of sweet and salty. Only problem with that kind of stuff is you tend to eat more than you ought to! 
     Overall, we were there about an hour and half. We might have stayed longer if it wasn't quite so hot. Maybe next year we will try to wait till later in the month (though it may be more crowded) and then we went to get lunch at a local hamburger restaurant called Michaels Charcoal Grill. This was a counter-service restaurant, not a sit-down restaurant like we were thinking when we went in. There was plenty of seating though.
     The food was pretty good and they had just about every condiment you could imagine for hamburgers. We did end up spending more than I honestly care to spend on hamburgers. They do have barbeque too, so if we go again, we will have to try something else. 
     The onion rings were huge, though not the most seasoned I've had. But among the huge array of condiments at the counter, there was some horseradish sauce, so we just used some of that. They also had goldfish and animal crackers and that kept the baby happy until the food was ready. So, it was pretty good and we would probably try it again, but next time try something else. 

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