Monday, October 3, 2011

My Long Weekend

     Well, it's been a long weekend and I'm just worn out. Yesterday (Sunday) in particular was tiring. We had a potluck after church (good food and great visiting with everyone) but we didn't leave until after 2. Then we had to go get gas 'cause we were really on empty, so we went to HEB and parked by the gas station, then walked across the parking lot to the HEB store to get a gift card so we could get our 11 cents off at the pump. 
     Naturally the store was packed, so we went to the customer service line, since we were only getting a gift card. While we were in that line, my toddler started leaking onto the floor. Just what we needed. So, I gave my husband the money and took the cart with my toddler in it all the way back to van across the parking. And what do you know? I realize my husband still has my car key, while his is locked in the van, as is the diaper bag (naturally I didn't take it in, since we were just going in for a minute, right?). 
     So I had to wait for my husband to come back out and unlock the car. Then I got to change my baby's soaking, dirty (yes, it was dirty too!) diaper in the back of the van. That's one nice thing about having a van, though. Emergency changing table. Amazingly the mess missed her dress, since was mostly standing.
     However, her dress didn't escape getting trampled and tripped on by her several times throughout the day. There is a netting trim on the underskirt (see pic below) that is just not strong enough to withstand a toddler stepping on it over and over. So, I've decided I'm just going to cut the netting trim off the skirt. I think the dress will look fine without it. Here's a picture of how much of the trim is already ripped away (probably about 1/3). 

     So, we got home close to 3 and had to leave again around 4:30 because we were having singing at 5 before our actual evening services, which start at 6. So, normally on Sunday afternoons I have time to lay down for awhile, but not yesterday. And after church we went to McDonald's with the preacher who is visiting this week and had a nice visit with him. But, like I said, it was a looong day! Lots of good stuff happened, but man, was I tired!

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