Friday, May 11, 2012

Not Much Better: Food Waste Friday

     Well, I didn't do a whole lot better this week on not throwing stuff out. Here is what got thrown out this week. 
     1. Part of a salad. I was already working on it a day or 2 past the expiration date. 
     2. Two mushy tomatoes. 
     3. Some frost-bitten split pea soup. 
     4. Some frost-bitten piece of beef. 
     5. part of a loaf of old bread. 
     6. Part of a package sandwich roast beef a few weeks old. 
     7. Most of a smoothie I made. I really couldn't stomach it, so I threw it out. :-/
     That's all I can of for now. It seems like there was something else. I guess I really should try to write them down as I throw them out. Anyway, how are you doing on cutting back your food waste?

1 comment:

  1. keep at it and things will improve even more. Good luck next week.