Friday, May 18, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Typical

     Well, I finally took a picture this time. Of course, we were out of town Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So some of this is what went bad due to our absence and some is stuff that has probably needed to be tossed for some time. 
     1. Part of an eggplant spread I made. I didn't care for it too much, so I didn't eat it as soon as I should. 
     2. A tablespoon or two of hummus. This was what was left over from what I made last week. 
     3. A frozen tomato. My hubby must have put it in the freezer some time back and I finally tossed it, deciding I was never realistically going to use it. 
     4. Half a frost-bitten waffle. I had tried to make frozen waffles sometime in the past and this was the last of it. There was ice growing all over it, so I didn't think anyone would want it. 
     5. Part of a cucumber. This part didn't make it into salad last week and was getting mushy in the middle. 
     6. A small handful of strawberries. No real story here. 
     7. 3-4 wilted green onions. 
     8. A loaf and a half of experimental wheat and flax bread. When you're testing out a new bread, just make one the first time around!



  1. Looks like you did a good clean out of the fridge and the freezer. I nice way to begin next week.

  2. Haha--there is still some stuff that may or may not make it. :-P

  3. I've not seen food waste friday! I like the idea of it though. I'm a bit afraid to go do ours because we have several weeks worth right now.... *blushes*

    1. I've just been doing it a couple weeks myself. But that's the idea. To see if you can improve your level of waste!