Friday, August 31, 2012

A Year of Blogging

     Hmm, my "blogerversary" just passed. I don't remember the exact day, but I know it was near the end of August 2011 when I sarted my blog. I never realized when I got started how much was actually involved in blogging. Epecially if you want it to be interesting to anyone except your own circle of family and friends.
     It's not the blogging itself that takes so much time (though obviously there is time involved in that too). It's the networking and actually doing (and taking pics of) the interesting things that you're going to write about, like crafts, recipes, etc. And of course product reviews. Oh how I love product reviews! I've gotten to try out so many neat things since I started blogging. Some of which I would never have heard of without blogging.
     Things I had never heard of before blogging? Alexa, Klout, Google Page Rank, Google Analytics and Rafflecopter. All important thngs to know about if you want to review products on your blog. By the way, you can finds links to all these things in my Blog Resources Page--a page just for new bloggers like I was a year ago. Things I wish I'd know to start with.
     And then of course there's the networking. Probably the most important part of the blogging experience. I've gotten to know (online) so many great, experienced bloggers happy to help with advice and other things, like facebook likes, comments, giveaways. The blogging community that I've gotten to be part of is so great. Other bloggers are not your competition. They're your friends. Always willing to help each other out.
     And to my readers. Whether you are a fellow blogger or not, I'm so happy you decided to visit. Without readers, why write? So I just wanna say thanks, everyone, for being so great and helping me through my first year. :-)


  1. Wow, you've done well for just one year! Nice job. I had my one year blogging anniversary in April, but only have 26 followers. But it takes a ton of work, which you clearly have done. (And how come you don't know your exact anniversary date? Doesn't your first blog post tell you that??) Anyway, congrats.

    1. Well, my first post isn't dated till almost the middle of September. But before that I was setting up, designing layout, etc. I remember seeing somewhere that my blog was started August 20-something.