Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Catching Up

     I haven't been posting much the past week. We have had a lot going on and it's been difficult to keep up. I have hardly been able to keep up around the house, much less on my blog. I am still in the process of trying to catch up. We've been busy with doctor's appointments and "helping" a family that actually turned out to be scamming us.
     Over the course of a week, there was a guy that got all kinds of "freebies" from us. It's a long story. He claimed he was homeless and looking for a job and had 5 kids, including a 3 month old baby. The family was real. But they weren't really homeless and he is on disablilty, so not really looking for work. Appearantly this person has nothing better to do with his time but play on people's sympthies and seeing how much free stuff he can score.
     He was perfectly happy to accept boxes of groceries, both from us and some friends, and a tank of gas. He never actually asked for this stuff, but told us his problems and we got to see his kids in dirty clothes. He was very clever.
     He was exposed because he made the mistake of giving us his new "landlady's" phone number (because we and some friends were going to help with rent) before he got her to agree to play along. The "landlady" was actually a relative of his wife's who refused to go along with the scam and when we finally called her to verify, she was all too happy to expose him for being a scammer and a liar that kept his kids in rags so that people would give him money.
     So, a whole week of our life was sucked up with trying to get this guy things we thought his family needed, and doctor visits for my 6 month old. I haven't had much time to write on my blog or do things to write about. But hopefully I will get back on track soon. Thanks!


  1. I should not be surprised by this and honestly am not. I am angry about it though. I too am a blogger and all the proceeds from my blog and whatever I get from couponing goes straight to help out those in need in my area. I had one center I donated to until I realized that they were selling the things I was giving them. Sometimes people really make me angry (trying to stay nice on a family blog) I am so sorry this happened to you, and feel even worse for his children to be raised to think that is okay. Sorry to vent.

    1. That is just sad. And we thought we were really helping someone get back on their feet and doing some good. Tried to help him get a job too. But I would rather do the right thing and have it not work out than not help if the need was real. We will think twice before involving others next time, though. :-/

  2. What a scumbag, but like Jennifer, it doesn't surprise me. More and more I hear about people who pull this kind of stuff. We had a guy come around our neighborhood doing yard work. Got a few of the residents to feel sorry for him. They loaned him money and tools. After he got that stuff, he never came back to look for landscaping work. Thankfully we do our own, so we weren't hit. It just burns me that it happened to my nice, trusting neighbors!

    Anyhow, stopping by from sahm fb group. I am following you on gfc and g+ since I hear gfc is going to be fazed out soon, as well as twitter. I already like your fb page :)

    Theresa’s Mixed Nuts

    1. Hi Theresa. I'm following yours too. :-) But yeah, that guy you described sounds familiar. Not exactly asking for a hand-out--at least not at first. Some people are just really clever like that. :-/