Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Wrist/Ankle Weights

     I didn't get a chance to write "Weight Loss Wednesday" last week. We had lots of stuff going on "in real life" plus my Mozilla, which is the browser I normally use, has been acting really messed up, so that was slowing me down in my normal online activites (including blogging." So now I'm on internet explorer and having to get used to a new system. Anyway, suffice it to say I "hovered" last week, and am really still hovering at 176--just a mere .2 lbs from when I last posted.
     That said, if I say so myself, I'm doing pretty good to even be staying in range. You can read previous posts about how I mix chia seed and kefir. But another thing I have been doing is using ankle/wrist weights.
     When I remember to do it, I wear ankle weights around so I burn a few extra calories just walking around the house. I tried using them on my wrists as well, but they keep bothering my hands when I'm trying to do other things, so I mainly stick with the ankle weights.


  1. Thanks for stopping by. Hey, this is a great idea! I have ankle weights that could be put to better use. Right now they are dust collectors on my shelf. ;)

  2. what a great idea! I may have to try this. I'm trying to lose a few more pounds, and this might help!

  3. Yeah I think it helps tone the legs, too!

  4. That is an easy way to burn a few extra calories! I just hadn't thought of it. Another thing I do is to do a few (10 or more) squats, jumping jacks, lunges (each leg) and anything else I have time for just before I get in the shower. It's pretty great how many things I can do while the water is heating up!