Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PRK Universal Baby Food Jar Organizer

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  1. Commenting from the AATM group - would love a return comment on my blog, but can't post on fb right now as I'm banned for a few days for liking and commenting too much in the groups....ugh!

    I really love this idea...think I'll be getting these for some upcoming baby showers I will be going to. not your standard gift, but so useful.

    1. Weird...I never heard of that. Anyway, I visted. :-) I love your apple recipe too. :-)

  2. I wish stuff like this was around when my kids were babies!

  3. Wow! Really smart item! It's great because it really organizes neatly all your stuff! I'm an organizing freak so this is really intesting. I want one!!!

  4. great idea - wish we had stuff like that when my kids were babies