Friday, November 9, 2012

Havertys: Discover Something You

This post brought to you by Havertys Furniture. All opinions are 100% mine.

     If any of the rooms in your home are in need of a makeover, Havertys is ready to make that happen for you. Havertys has been around for 125 years, so chances are you are at least somewhat familiar with what they have to offer.
     You know you need a new look, but not sure what you want to do with your room? Try a Havertys Inspiration session. Unfortunately two of the four have already passed and one is going on November 10 (that's tomorrow!). But there is one more this year, on December 1. The theme for that session wil be "Finishing touches" and will focus on making that room complete.
     Space is kinda cramped for us right now, but when we get a bigger place (and maybe out of debt) I would to have some nice furniture from a place like Havertys. For example, I love the furniture in these pics below.
     This one is referred to as the "man-cave", but I really like it to. I could see how it would also be great for family movie night. I especially like that sectional couch (caled a Venturasectional) with the section you can slide in to make a bed.

     I think this game room is pretty snazzy too. I really love that cabinet.

     Havertys: Discover Something You

     If any of these rooms or furnhsings appeal to your tastes (and Havertys has something for about every taste) or if you would like to drop in on their lastest Inspiration session, you can go here to find the store nearest you.
     And check them out on facebook and Pinterest for more inspiration and fun ideas!

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  1. Totally loving the hutch in the game room set!

    1. Yeah, I know--this stuff is like "dream house" stuff!

  2. I love the man cave set... Especially the couch and entertainment system.

  3. Looks like they have some great items! My house is so so small. I need a professional to come over and rearrange my house to open it up a bit! This is actually the first I've heard of Havertys.