Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday

     Okay. Lately I've been attempting to eat a little better and lose some weight. Around the same time, another blog was asking for participants to a four week weight-loss challenge. I thought I had signed up for it, but I must have missed something, since my name isn't on the list. 
     Anyway, I decided I wasn't going to let that stop me. I'm going to do it anyway. I thought maybe like "Food Waste Fridays" where publicly admitting the amount of food we throw out encourages better planning, maybe I should do the same thing for weight-loss. 
     If I publicly track my weight loss progress (or lack thereof), maybe I will get the motivation I need to stick to it. If anyone else would like to join me, I would love your encouragement! Please feel free to leave comment with any tips you might have for keeping on track, or track your own progress each week. And yes, the above picture is actually my weight. And I am 5'5." 
     Anyone else care to share?


  1. I am on the same boat. I even just paid shipping for Obsotrim (sp?). I need to tighten up after my 9 year old was born and being 5'1 is not easy when your baby is bigger than what your insides can hold! I also had two csections up and down my lower abdomen and so therefore I have a little extra butt in the front lol. I weigh about 198 last I knew, I'm also big boned so...they tell me I am perfectly healthy, yeah, well...I don't look huge but I need some tucks, lol.
    I am focusing on keeping high stock of fruits and veggies and my new guilty pleasure of crystal light drinks, silk fruit&protein and yoplait yogurt, needless to say I do have my snacks, but I keep a couple boxes of triscuits around and only one true junk food that is still not unfilling, like those new fruit crips. I'm proud that I have the will to say I'm craving sweets and can simply say "NO you need something else now" and I grab an orange or glass of silk or CL. Surprisingly they are filling so I guess I did good at shopping and it's got me looking forward to shopping more often. This is never easy, now that I am 35 I am very cautious that I have no medical history from being adopted.

  2. Yeah I've been trying to eat more fruits and veggies and drink more water and green tea. Also cutting back on sodas and sweets--I am such a sugar fiend! These last couple weeks I've only had soda once a week--pretty good considering I was averaging one a day. Also ordering water when we go out--that used to be unheard of for me!