Friday, July 13, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Raider of the Lost Food

     So, I cleaned out a bunch of junk from the fridge this week. You know, that stuff that gets "forgotten" in the back of the fridge and freezer and by the time you find it, it has mold. So, I decided to examine everything that I hadn't opened/used in a while, and unless it was a condiment, or I knew I had put it there the last couple days, it got tossed. 
     Here it is: 
     1. Part of a ham. This was actually in the freezer and looked kinda frostbitten, but my husband wanted to cook it and see if it truly did taste bad. So we did. It was okay, but not great. We ate what we culd and tossed the rest. Pretty good, I guess, considering I was going to toss it anyway. I couldn't put it back in the freezer after defrosting once.
     2. Strawberries. These I had put in the freezer when they were on the brink of going bad before. I took them out thinking I was going to use the juice. It didn't take long for them to finish spoiling and grow mold. 
     3. Expired coconut creamer.
     4. Homemade chicken broth. I didn't freeze this after making it a week and a half ago as I should have. I thought I'd use it, but I didn't use it in time.
     5. Homemade hummus, growing mold. Just about 1/4 cup left. 
     6. Evaporated milk that's been "lurking" in the back. 
     7. Tomato juice, again, growing mold. 
     8. A rotten tomato. 
     9. Some bad cherry tomatoes. 
     10. Some canned whipped cream and pancake batter. I think those might have been pretty much empty, though. That's the main reason I tossed them.
     Wow, that was a lot. A nice, round number. I don't know what else to say, except: see you next week!


  1. It does look better. But it still seems we have an awful lot of condiments. DH is always wanting to try something new. :-/