Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday: Starting Over

     I know I haven't posted about my weight loss lately. I kinda took a break from it, I guess you could say! We had company for nearly two weeks last month and we've been busy trying to catch up with everything and get back on track and so forth.  But I'm staring over now, and hopefully will do better than last time around. Feel free to join me!
     Let's just say I've hovered, more or less, weight-wise from where I was when I left off before. Gained a couple, lost a couple. Back and forth. You know how it is. Maybe. So, this week I started off at 175.8. 
     I'm not actually going to post pictures of the scale anymore. The only reason I was doing that in the first place was because I thought I was going to be part of another blog's weight-loss challenge and I needed the "proof." But that didn't work out. So since I'm doing this solo, I'm not posting the pics anymore!
     As I go along (hopefully with some success!) I will try to post with some fitness tips/products and will try to get back on track here.

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