Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weighloss Wednesday: Rough Start

     Okay, we have been pretty busy the past few days and my "new start" in weight loss is not such a great start. This week's weigh-in was 177.4--up 2 pounds from last week.
     I have been eating too much "junk" (what's new huh?) and not always drinking enough water. I start the day out pretty well, but it kinda goes downhill later on--especially if I don't drink enough water.
     Also, I haven't been walking in the mornings or doing my Wii Fit, when I should probably be doing both. No matter how much I intend it, I never seem to be able to make it to bed at a decent hour. So of course I don't set my alarm for when I need to, in order to be able to walk before my husband goes to the office. And when I don't walk in the the morning, I tend to be more sluggish throughout the day. 
     On the days I do manage to drag myself out of bed, I generally feel more energized throughout the day. Of course I know this. But it is not always easy to go by what you know when your body is begging you to stay in bed. Thus my dilemma. 
     So, wish me luck this week in my efforts to drag myself up for my daily (well, four days a week) walk and hopefully I will have time to get in a half hour of Wii Fit during (the kids') nap time. 

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