Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Baby Talk

     I had my 33 wk appointment today and we got to see another sonogram. It's still a boy. He was being a little shy today and wouldn't move his hand from in front of his face. But he's measuring a little over 4 lbs, which is right where he's supposed to be at this stage. 
     On another note, my baby is 23 months old today. She spent her first night in her toddler bed last night. She's taken naps in it before, but we had always put her in the crib overnight. But we would kind of like to get her used to thinking the toddler bed is "her" bed, so that when the baby gets the crib, she doesn't feel like she is being displaced. 
     She actually did really good and when she got up, she promptly came into our room (we had both bedroom doors open) and exclaimed with glee when she saw us. How cute is that? And she was wearing her 'Santa" slippers her daddy got for her last month and they rattle when she walks, so we could hear when she was walking around. 
     Every day we are more amazed by what she is absorbing and he ever-increasing vocabulary. Tonight we went through the McDonald's drive through and after we ordered, she said "eyes" ("fries" in baby-talk) and we were like "uh oh" because we hadn't ordered any. So we ordered some at the window. She then said "donalds" (McDonald's) and we were really surprised because we didn't know she recognized McDonald's and even knows it by name. I guess that means we eat there too much--though we really don't eat there that often. (Honest!)

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