Friday, January 20, 2012

Free Stuff Today!

     I don't often post free samples and deals on my blog, but since there seem to be several today, I thought I would make an exception! Keep in mind some of these are today only and all of them are "while supplies last" so act quick if you want them! 
     1. Free Barista Prima K-cup samples--You have to like their facebook page here and it will ask if you have a Keurig Brewer. Answer "no" and forget it, they will just try to get you to buy one first. But if you do happen to have a one, and haven't requested a sample recently, you get to fill out your info to get your sample (while supplies last, of course).
     2. Free 2 oz Pink Chiffon lotion from Bath and Body Works--Go here to their facebook page and you can print out a coupon to take to the store for a free sample sized lotion--perfect for your purse! This weekend only. 
     3. Free subscription to Martha Stewart Living magazine--This one requires a little effort, but worth it if you want the magazine! I did this offer a month or two ago and got my first issue yesterday! (Actually I got 2.) First, sign up for Rewards Gold, then refer a friend. If you're already a member you can refer 2 friends for the same number of points. Then you'll be asked to complete a short survey on breakfast foods, and then write 4 short reviews on breakfast foods. After these activities you have enough points to request the Martha Stewart Living magazine.
     4. Free sample of Schiff Mega Red--"Like" Schiff Mega Red on facebook here, then fill out your info for a free sample. Simple as that! Today only.
     Like I said, I don't do these all the time, but there were just too many to not share. I will still try to post deals and samples on my facebook and twitter pages, so make sure to "like" me on facebook and/or "follow" me on twitter!


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    Have a great rest of your weekend.

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