Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Chocolate and Smiles :-)

     Hello all. Have you heard of She Speaks? If not, you should head over here to check it out! It is one of those really cool "Try and Tell" companies, as I call them, and sometimes you can get into programs for stuff to try out, share with others and let everyone know what you think. There is even a special program for bloggers, if you happen to have a blog. 
       Anyway, right now She Speaks is launching a program in which those of us lucky enough to get in (which I'm happy to say I am!) get to try out the Milk and Truffle Ghirardelli Squares for free. If you've ever tried any of the Ghirardelli Squares, you know this is a program you don't want to miss out on! I haven't tried the Milk and Truffle Squares yet, but I know I love the caramel ones and the mint ones. 
     She Speaks has asked us to go ahead and spread the word about the program and invite our friends to She Speaks, so that makes me think they may just still have some spots in the program open. So I highly recommend you sign up. Now. And if it so happens they run out of spots in the Ghirardelli program before you get a chance, don't worry, I'm sure there will be other great programs coming up that you'll get a shot at. After all, there's always something fun going on at She speaks. 
     Another Try and Tell company I want to share with you is Smiley360. I only signed up for this very recently but it looks like a promising company. When you try something out, the more ways you share about it, the more "smiles" (basically points) you get. 

       So right now my "mission" is to share this link and see how many people check out Smiley360. All you have to do is click on it and look--you don't even have to sign up. But I'm sure you will want to, since you get to try stuff out for free in exchange for your opinion. :-) And by the way, I've already been accepted for a "mission" to try out a product, which I should get in a few weeks. So it looks pretty promising so far. So you should check it out. 
     Also, check out my other post on Try and Tells, if you haven't already. All, or none of these may work out for you but I think they are definitely worth checking out. And the best part is, they're all free!


  1. I heard of SheSpeaks as far as blog posts being there but not the chocolate program!

    And I clicked your link for the smiley so you get a point. :)

  2. Thanks. :-) She Speaks is fun, especially after joining the Blogger society. There are some helpful people there too.

  3. I joined SheSpeaks a while ago, but haven't checked out what they were offering in a while. I just logged into my account and I'm getting free chocolate!! Woohoo!! :)

  4. I belong to both of them. I need to go see if I qualify for the free chocolate! :)

  5. I had never heard of these programs. Thanks for sharing. Now I need to see if there are any spaces available for the free chocolate! Free chocolate and free coffee guarantees my participation. I'm a caffeine addict!

  6. Great blog! I have given you The Versatile Blogger Award. You can check it out at

    -Audri (Rediscovering Our Family)

  7. I write and maintain a spiritual blog which I have titled “AccordingtotheBook” and I’d like to invite you to follow it.

  8. I have joined both of these programs and love she speaks have not got too involved yet in smiley...

    I tried to follow your fb button and it was not working, new follower on blog, g+ and twitter.

    maria@close to home