Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Melting Snow and Car Trouble

     Well, we got another snow here yesterday. It snowed a few inches at least. We didn't actually go out in it this time. And it's already melting today. It looked nice yesterday, but the melted snow is dripping off the roof like rain. Kay-kay is looking out the window and saying "raining!" because of the melting snow. This Texas weather is really erratic. 
     My husband went to the office today and when he was going to get a bite to eat, the car wouldn't start. Apparently our car is part of some kind of recall involving the ignition. We actually got a notice about this but hadn't contacted the dealership yet. Our car has one of those funky keys that doesn't really look like a key. 
     So anyway, the dealership had to send a tow truck to get the car and my husband is now sitting down there waiting for them to fix the problem. One of our elders kindly agreed to come get my key for my husband (since the dealership needs both) and I was able to send him something to eat. So at least he isn't starving anymore. I just hope they can fix the problem today. 
     Don't forget to stop by tomorrow. I'm going to be continuing my "series" about online market research companies. Tomorrow I'll be talking about the ones I don't really care for. So be sure to check back!


  1. I live in Massachusetts and haven't seen any snow since that fluke snow storm we got on Halloween (early even by Massachusetts standards). I'm not complaining though.

  2. Wow, that's interesting. I would have thought you'd get a lot! We moved here from Florida, so snow isn't something we're used to!