Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Our Second Hospital Tour

     Last week we went on a tour of the labor and delivery unit of one of the two hospitals I have to choose between for the birth of my baby in February. Remember, before the holidays, I told you about the tour of the nice, new labor and delivery unit that will be opening later this month at the other hospital. 
     My doctor prefers hospital number two. He claims they have a better NICU, but somehow, after touring both facilities, I'm not sure I completely buy that. I think the real reason is that hospital number two is across the street from the doctor's office. But allegedly, he delivers at both hospitals. Though when we asked him about that, he was really pushing us toward hospital number two. 
     So, we went to check out hospital number two so we could weigh our options and make an informed decision. The tour was pretty short. All we really got to see was a delivery room and a recovery room. There were a couple of things about procedure that I wasn't that enthralled with, like the baby being taken to the nursery soon after birth for "observation." 
     The real kicker, however, was that this hospital charges $1,200 more than the other one (with the nice, new unit) for self-pay patients (which we are) and that is if we pay ahead of time (as is the other hospital's price) and doesn't include some things that the other does. We tried to negotiate a lower price, as my doctor had claimed they would, but they couldn't or wouldn't do it. They were very polite, but claimed it was out of their power. 
     So, today at my 35 week appointment, we talked to the doctor about the dilemma. He was understanding and said he wouldn't blame us for choosing the hospital we really wanted to deliver at.  So after weighing our options, we will be going to the nice, new one that opens later this month. :-)


  1. Praying that all goes smoothly until the nice new hospital opens ;D

    1. Thanks. Me too! It opens Jan 26 and I'm not due till Feb 22, so unless something drastic happens, I'll be fine. :-)