Friday, June 22, 2012

Food Waste Friday: Busy week

     This has been a pretty hectic week this week and I have not posted as much as usual. I really haven't gotten on the computer much at all. I also haven't been keeping super-close track of everything getting thrown out. The main reason is we had company this week. My parents visited for a couple days and just left this morning. However, my in-laws are coming in tonight, so it will probably not be much less busy around here for the next week.
     Anyway, here are the few things I do remember.
     1. About 1/4 bag of fresh spinach (yes, again with the spinach!)
     2. Leftover quinoa/tomato sauce/hamburger mixture. 
     3. Frost-bitten ham--really, I think it's been in there since the post-Christmas sales. 
     4. Frostbitten beans and rice.  I seem to have a lot of frost-bitten stuff, don't I? Probably a good indication freezer-cooking isn't for me. 
     5. Old Phyllo dough. My hubby was sure it wasn't usable since the last time I used it for spanokopita.
     I guess that's it. Gradually cleaning out my freezer a little at a time. And I just have the one. You know, the one that's attached to the fridge. Kinda makes you wonder how I'd fare if we had a deep freezer, huh?


  1. Deep freezers are something to have when you reach the age of hot flashes. My deep freezer is always organized, food rotated and nothing goes to waste. I stay cool doing this!

  2. Deep freezers are for organized people! Also, usually the meals that get put into the freezer are ones we thought were "okay." But then we never get in "the mood" for those meals, so they end up getting frost-bit. :-/