Friday, June 8, 2012

Food waste Friday

     Well, there was not a huge variety of food wasted this week, but it doesn't follow that there wasn't much food waste. You can see: 
     1. 2 containers of frost-bitten chili
     2. Some bad grapes (I know they don't look bad in the pic)
     3. Some frost-bitten unbaked rolls that were an experiment a while back 
     4. A bag of apricots.
     The apricots were given to us by a friend with a tree. Why my husband accepted three bags of them, I don't know.But they've been in the fridge a week of two. I finally weeded out the rotting ones. Some are still ok, but we have way too many of them! Hopefully we will find someone to share them with before it is too late!


  1. I hate it when my food goes bad! I do freeze most of my fruit though and use it in shakes in the morning :)

  2. That's good. I just put some cut up strawberries in the freezer the other day. I'm thinking I might mix those with the frozen banana for smoothie or pops for my daughter.