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25 Days of Christmas Blogshare: Day 10 #25DaysofChristmas

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     Welcome to the 25 Days of Christmas Blogshare. Every day from November 29th through December 25, there will be a different holiday themed blog post and a new giveaway hosted by one of the great bloggers working hard to bring you this event.
      So, 27 days--that means 27 chances for you to win an awesome prizes. Prizes range from books to edibles to self-pampering goodies. You'll just have to check back each day for the post/giveaway of the day. ;-)
     Today's post is from Tots and Me, and here is a sample of what is to come:  
Blogshare Post of the Day - Dec. 8th by Tots and Me
     I remember when I was growing up how much homemade gifts meant to my mom. I don't know if you feel the same way, but I can understand where she was coming from. In fact, I know she still feels the same way. A gift made specifically for a loved one is made from the heart. Our children LOVE to make things for us all the time and we accept them with such enthusiasm, because we know they were made out of love.
     It is so easy to go to the store and pick out gifts for those on our list and  I realize it takes time to make a gift.   But, I hope you will think about helping your children make this special gift for the special people in their lives. We are making these photo frames for both my mom and hubby's parents because I feel they make great gifts for grandparents. I know my mom will love to have the little ones make one of these for her because she still has the frame the older children made for her 11 years ago.

Please stop by Tots and Me to find out how to make this Christmas Puzzle Frame. While you're there enter to win today's giveaway!

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